1st Annual Colonial Bouvier Walk 2012
   Dee Dunn suggested on a Facebook page, a gathering of Bouviers to take a walk together in Colonial Williamsburg, Va. so after many weeks of swapping messages and emails, we were excited to help, as we are local. These are the photos taken by George Manley and wife Cheryl, and they are outstanding studies of Bouviers.
​  For so many to gather, and having never met, they were representing the very calm, personality of the breed.
   All the dogs who attending accepted the throngs of people who gathered around to inquire about the breed, their habits, origin, etc.
   They did not mind the children, or strangers, or each other.

   We were all very excited and proud.
There is no other dog as well rounded in personality as a Bouvier Des Flandres!!
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