Before I had Fran, I always had cats.
Previous Pets
Abe & Levi
In 1985 I worked at K9 Grooming in Hampton Roads on Mercury Blvd. For Peggy Colon.
I wokrked for Peggy on and off ofr many years and she also worked for me, when i had my first shop in Williamsburg in the early 90's.
Peggy was owned 8 Maltese dogs, which we would clean up weekly, who always sat in the front window. (great for advertisement!)
Peggy was a very excentric person loved by many who knew her. She used to always joke that Grooming was such a crazy job, and that she needed to write a book someday called "The Diary of a Mad Groomer".
In our daily  lives we would often say "We need to put that or this in your book...."
I have been working on memoirs for years now and have compiled a healthy dose of just such events.
Peggy passed away at her daughter's home in maine in 08 Mar 2004.
She will always be with me in heart and soul, and i frequently hear her  and sense her presence.
I learned more from her and miss her immensely.