I have been grooming dogs and been in the Pet Industry for over 35 years, working in several states. With  15 years in Veterinarian clinics. As well as Kennels. Having 3 dogs of my own that are show dogs, I am well versed in the many different breeds, and types of coat. 
  I have specialized through the years in dealing with dogs that have behavior issues, and work one on one with dog and owner to accomplish a pet who enjoys the grooming process.
   We are committed to quality versus quantity, working on one dog at a time. We do not do 15-20 dogs a day.
   Too many shops have several dogs arrive in the morning,  staggering the grooming, one will be bathed while one is in a cage drying. and you may get your dog back much, much later.
   You cannot cage dry dogs and get the very best finished result we strive for.
   I prefer your pet to drag you into my shop rather than you drag your pet.
   We take time with the babies to make their first groom a pleasant experience...so they and we can form a bond lasting their lifetime.
   We offer baths with brushouts in between grooming to maintain your pet so you hopefully never have to endure that pitiful "shave down" because your dog was matted.

I, as a Professional Groomer, make a vow;
 That for every 50 dogs that I groom, I will groom one dog from the shelter free of charge.
This service will further enable the ability to help adopt out a homeless pet.
Hello my name is Rachel, I was pretty much born in the grooming salon. so grooming is in my blood. I have been working with my mother off and on since I can remember. I am a groomer in the training. And can boast that I am the master bather at Bobi's Dog House. I have been working at Bobi's Dog House for more then a year. I love to see all types of dogs and meet new people. Dogs are pretty much my life now. I can't be anymore happier working at Bobi's Dog House, I am a student/employee at Bobi's Dog House. I am learning how to be a great groomer like my mother.

(Word from the Mom)

  Rachel is the last of my 5 kids and did literally grow up in the Shop. in 1992 when I had my first Shop, In Williamsburg, Also "Bobi's Dog House", I left for the Hospital on Thursday, she was born at 3:30 that same day., Her and I came back to work the following Monday, and my customers enjoyed coming in monthly and watching her move from the basinet, to the playpen, to the walker... where we finally had to send her to Daycare as she begin pulling all my stock down on the walls... 
  She shares my love of animals and is a Natural at Grooming, but until recently was content to simply bath and fluff dry.
    She had once made the decision to learn to Groom and I couldn't made the decision to learn to Groom and I couldn't be more proud.
  Though now, is grown and "Adulting" elsewhere, taking her own path.  She still pops in and out, and I couldn't be more proud.
  She is a familiar sight to all of our customers here and she has her Favorites...and the dogs love her as well.
  Rachel is my Right-Hand man and I would hope some day, She will  become "Owner/Operator".

  Miss Stephenie popped into inquire if "we needed any help" back in 2010, She is a very bright, conscientious young lady and is our Cleaning Lady Extraodinaire! She does all that detail cleaning we as busy Groomer can never seem to have time to do.
 She was a huge help when we had the puppies and does all kinds of extra stuff like walk dogs, take the trash out, mop floors, etc.
  We are always very excited when she comes in and we just never know when that is..but we are always Happy to see her!!
  She is an important part of our extended family and staff.
This picture was posted on facebook, and is me in the early 90's, with Rachel in my tummy.........and 21 years later, her, that apple did not fall from that tree, huh?
Cearra came to me a couple tears ago, wanting to volunteer just to have something to do during the summer, so I took her on, and she rode a bicycle to work daily, oftentimes with her little Shih-Tzu Beau in a basket on the back. I soon learned she was an avid worker, who never failed to show up, who just needed some guidance and mentoring, and had a natural "sense" about dogs and dog behavior, and sat reading every book that I had in the shop about dogs, and training. Later she decided though she enjoyed grooming, she was not so fond of the drying/ bathing process, and much more interested in "training". She began to help with our Annual Bouvier walks, As did Steph, and grew to fall in love with the bouviers. This picture of her is with her birthday puppy, "Dublin" who she worked with diligently, training and in one years time, had him legitimately honored  with being a certified Therapy dog. We followed her progress closely,and encourage every chance I got, and her and Dublin have become quite a celebrity, in Williamsburg and he has his own facebook page! he grew up in here and is always excited to come back for visits. Cearra has since graduated, and this year went off to college, and is now pursuing a career in animal behaviors, and I am very proud. I will always refer to her as well as many of the youngsters that have gone through my doors off and on through the years, as my "Extra kids".

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